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Newsletter in November
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Newsletter in November
Cytotoxic Drug Antibodies Valuable assets to facilitate the pharmacokinetic and safety evaluation of ADCs Creative Diagnostics offers monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against different categories of cytotoxic drug: Tubulin Inhibitor; DNA Damaging; RNA Polymerase II and III Inhibitor; DNA Topoisomerase I Inhibitor and DNA Inhibitor. Currently, the launched products are for research purposes only, not for use in diagnostics. More payload antibodies are under development.
Cat. No Product name Cat. No Product name Payload Category
CABT-L3104 DM1/4 Pab CABT-B8994 MMAF Mab Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-B8996 DM1 Pab CABT-B8995 MMAF Mab, Biotin Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-L3105 DM1/4 Mab CABT-L3102 MMAF Pab Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-L3103 MMAE / F Mab CABT-B8998 MMAF Pab Tubulin Inhibitor
Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-B8993 MMAE Mab, Biotin CABT-L3100 vc-PAB-MMAE
Tubulin Inhibitor
CABT-B8997 MMAE Pab     Tubulin Inhibitor
DM1 / DM4 can bind to tubulin at or near the vinblastine-binding site, which interfere the formation of microtubules and depolymerize already formed microtubules, inducing mitotic arrest in the intoxicated cells. MMAE / MMAF are antitubulin agents that inhibit cell division by blocking the polymerization of tubulin.
CABT-L3109 Duocarmycin Mab CABT-L3107 Calicheamicin Mab DNA Damaging
CABT-L3108 Duocarmycin Pab CABT-L3106 Calicheamicin Pab DNA Damaging
Duocarmycin binds to the minor groove of DNA and alkylates the nucleobase adenine at the N3 position, which eventually leads to cell death. Calicheamicin targets DNA and causes strand scission.
CABT-L3117 PBD SG3199 Mab CABT-L3111 PNU-159682 Mab DNA Inhibitor
CABT-L3116 PBD SG3199 Pab CABT-L3110 PNU-159682 Pab DNA Inhibitor
PBD, a class of sequence-selective DNA minor-groove binding crosslinking agents, are significantly more potent than systemic chemotherapeutic drugs. PUN-159682 is a highly potent metabolite of the anthracycline nemorubicin with outstanding cytotoxicity, and it is a topoisomerase inhibitor.
CABT-L3113 Amanitin Mab CABT-L3112 Amanitin Pab RNA Polymerase II
and III Inhibitor
Amanitin is a potent inhibitor of DNA-dependent RNA polymerase II.
CABT-L3115 SN38 Mab CABT-L3114 SN38 Pab DNA Topoisomerase
I Inhibitor
With a team of antibody experts working in a state-of-the-art laboratory, Creative Diagnostics is proud to announce that a new set of antibodies specific to Cytotoxic Drugs are now commercially available. Biotin and HRP conjugated format are available upon request. Using these newly launched antibodies, we were able to successfully develop highly sensitive MMAE and MMAF ELISA kits.
More in development, coming soon!
Upcoming November 2018 Conferences
Name Application Date Country
Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Antibodies 09 Dec - 13 Dec, 2018 USA
4th Antibodies, Antibiotics and Bio Therapeutics Congress Antibodies 05 Dec - 06 Dec, 2018 USA
Immunology, Hematology & Molecular Biology Immunology 05 Dec - 06 Dec, 2018 Portugal
13th Annual Conference on Dementia and Alzheimers Disease Neuroscience 13 Dec - 15 Dec, 2018 UAE
8th World Conference on Women’s Health and Breast Cancer Cancer 17 Dec - 18 Dec, 2018 UAE
P53 Signaling Pathway
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Immune Checkpoint Signaling Pathway
Immune checkpoints are regulators of the immune system. These pathways are crucial for self-tolerance, which prevents the immune system from attacking cells indiscriminately. Therefore, an immune response is tightly regulated, and multiple mechanisms are in place to prevent autoimmune reactions to self-proteins...
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Immunocyte Markers
The circulating phagocytic immune cell is considered to be the main effector of the invertebrate defense system, involved in both immune and neuroendocrine responses, showing the functional characteristics of vertebrate macrophage. Various names have been used to define this cell in different taxa i.e., hemocyte, celomocyte, amebocyte, plasmatocyte... Learn more
CD4 T Cell Differentiation
This video introduced the differentiation of CD4 positive T cell, and the function of the subtypes. In vitro differentiation of Th cells from naïve CD4+ T cells is achieved by stimulating their T cell receptor (TCR) in the presence of appropriate cytokines. Here we describe a comprehensive protocol for in vitro differentiation of Th0... Learn more
Antigen Processing and Presentation
This video is about the concept and process of antigen processing and presentation by MHCs. Antigen presentation in an organism is accomplished by antigen-presenting cells (APC). Antigen-presenting cells are a kind of cells capable of processing antigens and presenting antigen peptides to T cells in the form of antigen peptide-MHC... Learn more

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